SPFX supported version for SPSE


What is the supported version of SPFX for SPSE?

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Hi @Vinicius Fortes, the RTM/GA release of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition continues to support SharePoint Framework version 1.4.1.  Note that the new continuous update model we've adopted for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition gives us the ability to release new feature innovation even after GA, so the SharePoint Framework version we support may change in the future.

That is very disappointing. The last sentence doesn't give much hope either..

Hi @Int_A1730, what capabilities in the newer SharePoint Framework versions are you interested in and why do you think they would be important to add to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition?  I ask because we have many good ideas for additional improvements we could make to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition from customers, so hearing specifically what you're interested in and why will help us as we prioritize what we focus on.

@Troy Starr 

1) Tenant wide extensions deployment. We have to do powershell workaround for that or manually upload/uninstall it everywhere.

2) React, Fluent UI, TS versions bump. There are workarounds (https://spblog.net/post/2019/08/08/build-sharepoint-framework-solutions-for-on-premises-sharepoint-w... but it makes solution unnecessarily complicated. PnPjs is popular lib and currently we have to do workaround to install it https://pnp.github.io/pnpjs/SPFx-on-premises/. I don't expect latest and greatest versions, I understand that onprem is always behind.

Thanks @Int_A1730, this is great feedback and I appreciate the explanation of why you're looking for newer versions of SharePoint Framework.  We'll think about this as we plan our future investments in SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.

Are you seriously asking this question? See all these beautiful webparts here:
We can't use most of them and if we can, it's after a lot of work or by using an old/buggy version. At least upgrade the TS and React version if nothing else.
This should be top priority, especially since the modern interface has less than 20% of the functionality of the classic one.

@Troy Starr 


I am really surprised that anyone needs to be asked why they would want to use a newer version of SPFx. The question should be why not? Cloud dependencies and whatnot is not a valid excuse. Many organisations will continue to use on prem option for the foreseeable future and are being severely handicapped when it comes to development. I am a developer in one such organisation and am constantly disappointed by how poorly thought out SP19 was and am even more disappointed that a product you are releasing 3 years later uses exactly the same SPFx version. From a developer perspective SP SE is basically SP19 on subscription. 


I think any developer worth their salt can be trusted to work out what they can and can't do with the newer versions on SPFx within an on prem environment, so give us the flexibility please!

Hi @sharepointWoes, happy New Year!  Thanks for your feedback.  I hope you don't interpret my question to mean that we don't believe newer versions of SPFx have value.  We ask questions like this to better understanding customer needs when they request new or improved features.  If we don't engage with customers and ask questions to better understand their needs, we could make incorrect assumptions about why they're requesting a feature and end up prioritize the wrong set of investments.


We agree that many organizations continue to need SharePoint Server for the foreseeable future.  I hope you'll continue to share your feedback with us as we turn our focus to the post-RTM improvements we want to make to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.

@Troy Starr, we also understand this is strategic by Microsoft to move everyone to SharePoint Online but there are companies like who aren't moving still, but we expect new features regarding Javascript frameworks should be available for on-premise SharePoint version also at least after a year of release on SharePoint online or can say sync between SharePoint online and On-Premise new features.

Is there any roadmap for Javascript framework version support? When and which version will be available?

Hi @sumeetsinghal5688 

We've received many feedbacks from customers regarding SFPx, and we are actively looking at this request. But it's not in a stage that we can share information publicly regarding it now. If you want know more, please shot me a message and we will work out how to share more information with you.


I work for one of the largest government organizations in the world which is never going to move to the cloud. I'm sorry to say, if things don't start improving, I'm going to have to start recommending alternatives.
Hi Nicolae,

As I replied to Sumeet, we are not in a stage that we can share the information publicly for SPFx.
I sent you a message. Let's work it out through it.


@Steve Zhang I work for a large integrator that is internally tied to both on-prem SharePoint and SPO, and support large agencies who face the same obstacles.  This is not a small problem.  Would welcome any information on how Microsoft is working to address the version differences with SPFx.  

@Steve Zhang I've been working for the last two years to a POC aimed to explore the power of the MS Cloud and the SharePoint online. We are at the point to throw away what we did so far because of the limitation we found in SPO compared to the old but stable and more customizable SP 2016 on prem. We thought of trying to evaluate the new SPSE but we used SPFx 1.12.1 a lot so that SPSE with a locked version of SPFx to 1.4.1 is not an option. Any update on this subject please?
Hi David,

I sent you a message. We can discuss how to share confidential information with you.

Hi Akuma,
Could you please be able to specify what are the features you depend on in SPFx 1.12.1? It will help us to know your detail requirement.

I sent you a message. We can discuss how to share confidential information.

Hi Steve,
the original idea was to adopt SP online so we tried to keep our custom developed framework up to date with the latest tech stack of SPO. We continuously tried to bridge the gap between the on prem flexibility to have a customized product and the SPO, hoping new features in the cloud could help us to achieve our objective. We used PnP SPFx controls and forced to upgrade SPFx to benefit from what that particular version of the lib had to offer.

As far as I remember correctly SPFx 1.8 is the first version allowing Rush Stack Compiler dependent version of TS. Our framework is built with TS 3.9.7 and we have plan to upgrade to the latest version of the compiler. Moving to recent TS version is a key factor for us.

Last but not least we use SharePoint library component which are available starting from SPFx 1.8.

Thanks for your message, I will discuss internally.

Hi @AkumaTen 


Thank you very much for your response for the detail requirements!

They are very valuable for us to understand what is indeed needed.


Looking forward for your discussion result.





Hi Steve,
Is there any update on SPFx 1.8+ rollout to SPSE?