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Hi, is still available SSOM? Can we migrate farm solutions from SP 2013/2016/2019 - TimerJobs,Event receivers, custom layout pages, custom master page, webparts,.....?

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Hi @VelisekJ, we aren't announcing any additional details about SharePoint Server Subscription Edition at this time, but more details will be shared in the future.  The developer extensibility experience will be similar to SharePoint Server 2019.

Hi @Troy Starr , we need also info on what means "always up to date" and "continuous updates" , so it's mandatory have an high availability farm (4 server sp + 2 sql enterprise) ? without it can be a nightmare mantain it, as actual version that are update one time every 5 years or more for many customers..

Hi @PL, this means that you'll be able to remain in support and receive new features/functionality just by installing our monthly Public Updates (i.e. patches).  You'll no longer have to perform major version-to-version upgrades to remain in support or to receive new features/functionality once you've upgraded to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.


It's still up to customers whether they want to deploy a farm with high availability.  If they don't deploy with high availability and follow our Zero Downtime Patching steps, then there will be downtime when installing those updates.