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We are migrating to the on-prem version of SharePoint 2019. On the site, there is a link in the upper left corner of the site that says SharePoint, that links to MySite. 


Is it possible to update where that SharePoint link points to?  Or can the SharePoint link be removed? Or even just remove the MySite app?  Our organization is not using MySite at this time, and so the link is currently broken. 




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Currently the SharePoint item in the top navigation isn't configurable, so it will always be there and it will always point to SharePoint home.

As for hiding it, out of the box there isn't an solution for it but you can build a custom solution to inject CSS.

For example this one:

Thank you for the reply!  You mentioned the SharePoint item isn't configurable, but are we able to modify where it links to?  Or, because it links to MySite, and we won't be using MySite, can we remove the MySite app without that affecting our SharePoint site?

Unfortunatly nothing out of the box...
Sorry - last question (I think). I read through the Github page referenced above, and before I go down a path that will leave me heartbroken, is that an option that will work for the on-prem version? I keep running into roadblocks where the option is only available for the online version.

Thank you for your response!



The SPFx solution given in above link is using SPFx v1.8 which is not supported in SharePoint 2019 sites.


You will have to create a SPFx application customizer solution using SPFx v1.4.1 and then maybe you can reuse the code from above solution in your SPFx solution. 


Check: SharePoint Framework development with SharePoint Server 2019 and Subscription Edition 

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On our side, we have modified the ribbon by changing the master page, but it only works on some pages. On modern pages, it seems that the master page is different, so it doesn't work.



So on modern pages, you can't modify the template. It doesn't work like the good ol' days.

Thanks for the replies!  We ended up modifying the CSS to "hide" the word SharePoint, by changing the Display line to none.