Menuentrys does not work in Modern View

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installed SP Subscription Edition with March 2022 Update and try to use the modern view.
If i use some menu entries like websitepermission form the gear icon or the three dot menu from documents nothing - really nothing happens. If i change to the classic sharepoint view, everything works fine. ULS Views and Event Views no helpful informations. What could be the reason for that? Use and Install Sharepoint since Version 2013 in different companies and have never the same expernience before. 

Same situation on all browsers IE, Firefox, Chrome on all clients and even directly on the server with Webapps are not behind the loadbalancer.

Just to let you know in the company are some "experts" who like to manipulate all Settings (Security, GPO, Operation System)


Any helpful ideas? Thx

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@upfaffer could you please help to check if it can be fixed by applying Jan PU language pack?


Description of the security update for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Language Pack: January...


If you have skipped Jan PU, you will also need to apply latest language pack which is Jan PU language pack.





Thx, we will try this, but in the description our bug is not mentioned.

Honestly this issue is a bit bigger so if other people would have the same issue the research should bring more entries. 

Thanks for the suggestion. We are looking at improvement for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition in this part as well.

The methodology of releasing a language pack is depending on if we have language related change comparing with the previous PU. In this case, there was no language related change from Jan to Mar so that there was no language pack released in Feb and Mar.

We suggest customers to install every PU as soon as it is released to get the best experience and reduce the security risk.

With the experience of more than 15 Years Sharepoint Plattform Administration i could not commit this, best case is not change a running system as long as microsoft bring with each update new trouble...
Could you please help to tell me more about why you are concerning the stability of the update? What the last trouble you had?
Ideally we want customer to upgrade because customer may not concern about a bug fix but there are more than bug fixes in the PU. Every PU includes important security fixes as well.