Licensing and pricing differences upgrading from SharePoint 2013 to SPSE

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Licensing and pricing – Does the licensing and pricing change after migrating from SP 2013 to SPSE?


I need to understand if our costs are going to change significantly due to the upgrade.


Thank you.

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Very keen on more info on this also, installing seems the same just requires a Standard or Enterprise key to activate.
I'm assuming the subscription model is purely an accounting change from Cals and Servers to....
but the product installation and management is the same as 2019 and versions before it.
Sorry not sure on costing difference

Hi @mbalcarek, SharePoint Server Subscription Edition uses subscriptions that are implemented through Software Assurance. There were no price changes to Software Assurance with the release of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. However, if you're not currently using Software Assurance then you'll want to work with your Microsoft account manager or licensing specialist to better understand your options. (For example, certain Microsoft 365 licenses give you CAL equivalency rights to SharePoint Server for as long as the M365 license is active, including SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.)

Clears it up nicely, thanks Troy!