Is the activation of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is the same as 2019

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running test instances of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition, the installation and configuration was the same as the previous perpetual versions with just a Key.


So I assume the subscription change is an accounting change only, no application impact or changes - is this correct?

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Hi @Warwick Ward, you don't need to have an active Internet connection to activate your product key when installing SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. But if you let your subscription (i.e. Software Assurance contract) expire, then you'll no longer have the legal right to run or use SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.

Hi Troy,

Can you please confirm if we want to go with sharepoint Subscription edition, do we need Software Assurance if we dont have SA we go with sharepoint 2019?

Unfortunately there is no licensing guide about it till now to know the details.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @najwan, thanks for asking. SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is only available through Software Assurance (sometimes referred to as L/SA or SA). SharePoint Server 2019 continues to be available through either perpetual licenses (L) or Software Assurance (L/SA or SA).

Hi @Troy Starr, we have SharePoint 2019 Enterprise installed on the server, not activated yet, and also we have Microsoft 365 E5 subscription active, which allows to activate SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. Is it possible to activate our SharePoint 2019 Enterprise with SharePoint Server Subscription Edition key? Thanks a lot in advance!



Are you able to activate SharePoint Server 2019 subscription Edition using Office 365 E5 license ? Could you please confirm so that I will use the same.