Document library "check out document" not working

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We are on SharePoint 2019 on-premise, and I have a document library that is set up to require checking out a document to view/edit.  The library contains an Excel document, and when I open the document, I don't get the option to check out.  And if I make edits to the document, the saved version doesn't get checked in or uploaded to the document library.


I'm not sure what I'm missing - any ideas?

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Are you admin or owner of the SharePoint site? 


Make sure you have saved require check-in/check-out settings properly and then try testing the functionality using an user account with only edit/contribute permissions once.

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Thanks for the feedback. I double checked to make sure the settings had been saved properly, and they have been. I'm an admin, but just tested with a coworker that has edit permissions, and the document he opened did not get checked out when opened.