Cannot ADD Provider/SharePoint hosted APP in SharePoint subscription edition

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When we try to add APP (both Provider hosted and SharePoint hosted APP) in the site collection, the Grant Permission to an App dialog (Trust it dialog) greyed out and seeing the Connection close error. This issue happens only with SharePoint subscription Edition.  PFA screenshot.

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Hello@Padmanaban_Jayaraman  , has the status changed since you posted this?  We will try to reproduce this issue.  If you can provide any additional details to assist with a repro, that would be very appreciated.





Hi Mike Lee,

No Status not changes after I posted.
Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:
1) Create Web application.
2) Create a APP Catalog
3) Upload a hosted APP in APP Catalog.
4) Create a site collection
5) Try add APP in the site collection.
6) "Trust it" Dialog is greyed out

Let me know if more details required.
Thank you! I'm working on this today.

However, are you using SSL in your configuration?

If so, did you enable "$contentService.SupportMultipleAppDomains = $true"

Hello, we were able to reproduce this issue and are in the process of confirming a possible fix. I will update this thread when complete.
Hello Padmanaban,

Thank you for reporting this issue with our Public Preview release of SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. We have been able to reproduce this issue and comfirm a workaround. This issue will be fixed in the RTM release. If there are any addtional updates to share, I will updatre this post.

Thanks Mike. Do we have a date for RTM release?
Also let me know if there is a workaround for this issue.
Hello Padmanaban,

Unfortunately, this workaround for this issue will not make it into our Public Preview release. We are targetting the 2nd half of 2021 for the RTM release.

Do we have any update on the issue fix?