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Can't add External adfs users if I use the check the box send email notification

If I dont use the check box then the user i added to the site.

We use a special form to add users


any ideas 

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@Micke_L For the affected user, do you have the mail property populated in his/her user profile/user information list ? 




you mean here .. the value is set there.

@Micke_L yes this is coming from the UPSA. Is there a space between the name and surname or is it a typo ? (sorry the screenshot is very tiny from my side I cannot see properly)

just a typo changed the email adress just for the screen shot the orginal email adress had not a typo, And its happen for all external users. In the userprofile they have: Account Name, Name, Work email I have migrate sharepoint to new servers and now sharepoint subscription edition before sharepoint 2016

@Micke_L Ok thanks for the info.

Have you seen any particular issue in the ULS logs when reproducing this behavior ?