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Can anyone help me to understand in-depth details about the e-signature feature coming up with SharePoint premium. 


We are more concerned about data residency. When the document is requested for e-signature whether the service/document it will be within the country (UAE) where the request is originated? 

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Hi @Vishwa1988,

Microsoft provides an Advanced Data Residency add-on for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, catering to regulated commercial and public sector customers of Microsoft 365. This add-on aims to offer additional assurances for compliance with data residency laws and standards.
To be eligible, users must sign up in a country/region included in Local Region Geography or Expanded Local Region Geography, and a valid Advanced Data Residency subscription is required for all users in the Tenant.

It's crucial to note that specific commitments for data residency may not apply to some Microsoft 365 services, unless explicitly stated in the Microsoft Product Terms.
Therefore, it is advisable to review the terms and conditions related to e-signature features in SharePoint Premium to ensure alignment with your data residency requirements.

In summary, while Microsoft 365 provides advanced data residency options, understanding the specific terms and conditions for the e-signature feature in SharePoint Premium is essential.
For further clarification or detailed information, it is recommended to reach out to Microsoft directly or consult with a legal expert.

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Leon Pavesic

It will be in whatever region that hosts your M365 tenancy - not where you are when you initiate, not where the recipients are located. Content will not cross outside your data region.

@Chris McNulty 


Thank you for responding to my query.


When we use the standalone ADOBE sign or docu sign licenses, what I understand is, the services are hosted outside the UAE region. With the esignature in sharepoint premium and with these services, is it still same?


The documents stored in SharePoint or O365 are ofcourse based on region the o365 is setup. My question here is about the region of the signature service itself.