Auto Tagging of document using MS Syntex not working

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I tried the above steps, but the document tagging is not happening. Waited almost for 3 days and no updates to columns.
I do have Syntex license attach to azure subscription. I had uploaded sample files with the name and content matching the Term. But the tagging is not happening.



1) Created SP Column as managed metadata with Term having the word "Commercial". Selected the Automatically tag document with term.

2) Uploaded documents in library.

3) Post 24 hrs. still the tags are not applied


Links :Effortless Document Tagging with Microsoft Syntex Taxonomy Tagging - Leon Armston's Blog

Set up and manage taxonomy tagging in Microsoft Syntex - Microsoft Syntex | Microsoft Learn

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What level of the term store did you select? Was it the term group or deeper in the taxonomy?
The mapping is at level of TermSet
Term Tagging from Syntex looks for "relevant" content to tag a document. If you simply have the word in the document it won't necessarily be tagged. I suspect that may be the issue.