Apply your model to a document library Problem

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Hi all, i'm tryin Sharepoint Syntex. I've made all the pass till apply to a document library but doing this i had this messsage:  "Column 'Name' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user".

what i made wrong?



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I know it is a bit late, so maybe you don't have this issue anymore.
It is our experience that columns, we define in the Content Center, will be added to the Site(Collection) where you library is.

Hi @mpjjonker ,

I have encountered this same problem but I don't quite understand your comment, can you tell me how to solve the problem with the "Name" column?
I have created the model with 100% accuracy and a new document library but it does not work.
Thank you.

@Jorge_Soria pfew this has been a while. I don't remember exactly but the columns needed to be in the content center and not a column that only exists in your newly created library. Not sure if this solves this...


Hi @mpjjonker , thank you very much for getting back to me.
What exactly do you mean when you say content center?
I have checked all the SharePoint site columns and there is none with the internal name "Name", however if I create a new site column with that name the internal name that appears is "Name1".

Due to the error "The column 'Name' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user." the document library does not appear in the "Where the template is applied" section of the syntex template.

You may have defined a Syntex extractor for "Name" as a field. That is not permitted as "Name" is a reserved column name for SharePoint columns. See
Hi Mario,

I don't have any extractor defined as 'Name' or with the name of the article columns you have passed me. Any other ideas?

Hi Mario and mpjjonker
The problem with Microsoft Syntex has been solved, I will tell you about it in case it can help someone in the future.

When accessing the Microsoft 365 administration center I saw that the Syntex content center did not appear and gave me the option to create a new one.
I created a new content center. The tenant is in Spanish but the content center has been created in English.
Now when we apply the model to the library the 'Name' error does not appear and it can be applied to the site libraries completely in Spanish without errors.