What’s new in SharePoint Syntex – July 2022
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Since we launched SharePoint Syntex, we’ve expanded the capabilities, integrations, and availability of Syntex to provide you a better AI-powered platform for intelligent document processing (IDP). Let’s look at these advancements – as well as new resources – that help you achieve more with your content.




Innovations and updates

We started 2022 by providing access to Syntex to all Microsoft 365 users with SharePoint. You can build models to classify documents and extract metadata, access content centers, and work with processed documents and their metadata – without a Syntex seat license. (A Syntex seat license is still required for the processing of documents (including uploading content to be processed), and still required to use other Syntex features like advanced metadata search, document generation, image tagging, vertical solutions like contracts, and more.)


We also integrated the Syntex taxonomy service with Microsoft Viva Topics to automatically build business taxonomies from the content you save to libraries across Microsoft 365 and prebuild topic pages.


Automatically build topics from the term store


In addition, we deepened the use cases for Syntex with the introduction of new and powerful features and capabilities, including the following:

  • Document Understanding:  We’ve added new abilities to refine extracted values (e.g., handling duplicates and multiple values) and to add new entities dynamically to taxonomy term sets.
  • Form processing: We’ve removed the 300-seat minimum to get 1MM credits to use AI Builder. Now, we’ve expanding eligibility for AI Builder credits by including 3,500 credits per Syntex license per month, pooled at the tenant level, with a maximum allocation of 1M credits per month.
  • Content assembly: With content assembly, you can build new content from your existing data sources or turn existing documents into templates to generate new content like contracts, invoices, or statements of work. Now, you can generate Word or PDF output, and embed placeholders inside tables.  Public roadmap item 88717
  • Contract management: With contract management you can govern contract creation, analysis, and lifecycles with standard clause libraries, workflow driven approvals, and automatic classification. Public roadmap item 88713
  • Prebuilt models: Quickly configure and deploy models to extract information from your invoices and receipts. Public roadmap ID 88703
  • Content center site design: Easily build content centers with a ready-to-deploy instructional SharePoint site template to begin creating and managing document understanding models. Public Roadmap ID 88705
  • Advanced metadata search: Perform specific metadata-based queries on SharePoint document libraries to make faster, more precise queries based on specific metadata column values, rather than just searching for keywords.
  • Advanced search with custom columns: You can add custom metadata columns, including multiline text and taxonomy fields, to the Syntex advanced search form for any licensed Syntex user. Public roadmap ID 88961
  • Syntex assessment tool: Generate a Power BI report that summarizes trends in your SharePoint information architecture to find places where Syntex might be of high value.

Now available – New demos and resources

Learn how Syntex can help your organization with our new self-service demos and research. Check out the new resources on the Syntex resource center on the Adoption Hub.

See Syntex in action in these new self-service demos:

Fuel your organization’s digital transformation journey by focusing on the customer experience. 

SharePoint Syntex Teams backgrounds

We haven’t forgotten about Microsoft Teams! In addition to the many updates that we’ve made to Syntex, we have Microsoft Teams backgrounds that feature the Syntex icon. Download the backgrounds today and use them in your future meetings.



Partners & CSPP

For the past five years, our growth has been fuelled by our Microsoft Content Services Partner Program (CSPP).  Hundreds of partners work closely with our field and product teams to shape and deliver high-impact Content Services apps and solutions to our customers, using Syntex and more – Microsoft Viva Topics, OneDrive, Stream, SharePoint, Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Search and Power Platform. 


Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re accepting applications for new partners to join CSPP. If these solutions fit your organization’s areas of expertise, fill out the partner application form by August 31, 2022.  



With so many exciting announcements and improvements to SharePoint Syntex already, we’re still looking forward to more valuable updates.  There will be even more news later this year. Stay tuned here on the Tech Community.


Want to get started quickly? Learn more on our Syntex Adoption Hub. We welcome your comments and feedback here on the Tech Community. Thank you.

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