Yammer integration for comments on news pages

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We're looking into using a SharePoint Framework web part that we can add to pages for handling comments on the page. The default Yammer web part can only connect to a feed, group or person but as we would like the comments to be specific for each page we will use the Yammer embed feed with an Open graph object (https://developer.yammer.com/docs/embed). One drawback with that approach is that each page is added as link attachment to each post and it takes up quite much space in the conversation. As the embed feed is in an iFrame we can't manipulate the css and hide that object in web part. So I'm basically looking for a solution for hiding that link when we are in SharePoint. It doesn't matter how it looks in Yammer. 



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I think it's not possible to hide this link preview from yammer. Tried it for some time, but didn't get lucky either.

I assume you've already looked at this: https://developer.yammer.com/docs/commenting and it didn't work.



Yes I have done that. Had hoped that showOpenGraphPreview would have solved it but it only shows/hides the link before commenting.





Same issue here, anyone found a way to resolve it yet ?




Niclas - hope you dont mind I added a UserVoice improvement request refering to your post 


Sorry, no solution yet.



you can use object properties like this : 


container: "#YammerComments",
feedType: "open-graph",
config: {
header: true,
footer: true
objectProperties: {