Windows context menu - Save to SharePoint online

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I'm looking for some kind of example or direction to achieve this:


In windows explorer I want to right-click a document (or a few documents) and then "Save to SharePoint". I want to sent them to a Document library.


Are there dome kind of bits and pieces availble to get me in the right direction?


Thanks, Mike

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I wrote a Windows Shell Extension once that added custom context menu items. This one was not targeting SharePoint but you could use this approach as a starting point. I've looked up the sample I used back in the days....


I guess you could combine the example above with functionality provided in Office Dev PnP.


Hope this helps!

@Paul Pascha Thanks, this gets me started.

Mike, were you able to figure this out? We're trying to do something similar.


Hi @Frederic Smalkin.

Not yet. Busy with some other projects. Let you know when we have a solution.