Will SP-2016 support newer versions of SPFx? When?

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To my info SPFx  support was introduced  with SP-2016 Feature Pack 2, but only for SPFx v1.1.0.


Are there plans for SP-2016 to support also newer versions of SPFx? If so, what is the roadmap?


Background: We are currently deciding whether to further develop or replace (by a custom web app) an application based on SharePoint. Our company is currently moving to SP-2016 (from SP-2010) and we will not have SP-365 available. Since we want more client-side development, SPFx looks very interesting, but we do not want to be limited to v1.1.0 forever.

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No, it will not

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thanks! Not quite the answer I was hoping for but definitely helpful for our design decisions.

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