Will requireJS be available by default in SharePoint Fx? ☁

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Both the Document Library and Site Contents New Experience load requireJS first.


Can we count on it being available by default for all future developments or can there be scenarios where it will not be available in SharePoint Fx pages?


We now include requireJS in our own (single file distribution) Framework, if its available by default I can take it out the built/package (eventually)


Same question for React






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We probably have to wait till Ignite to get an official answer.  My bet would be, don't count on it, as they might change to other frameworks if they feel the need to do so.

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Don't count on require.js for SPFx. Require.js is in most cases outdated in favor of System.js, which is what you should look into.

Also the SPFx is based on Webpack; so the focus is more on bundling assets rather than loading them on demand in this first release.



Bundling assets; finally a technology I already master Smiley Wink


copy /b file1.js file2.js fileout.js

Now how can we close a question like we can on SharePoint.StackExchange?

I read up on WebPack, Am I correct that if multiple Vendors add SPFx Apps a library like the bloated 90K jQuery could be loaded multiple times?

Yes, that's exactly how it will be if multiple vendors bundles jQuery. But, exactly how this will work and solved will be annonced once SPFx is out in public.