why SPFX local debugging is extremely slow ?

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I am experiencing significant slowness while attempting to debug my SharePoint Framework (SPFx) projects locally. The debugging process takes an excessive amount of time, impacting my development workflow. I would appreciate any assistance or insights on this matter.


I have already attempted a few troubleshooting steps, including:

  • Clearing the browser cache to eliminate any potential caching issues.
  • Verifying that there are no conflicting processes or applications consuming excessive system resources.
  • Reinstalling the required SPFx dependencies to rule out any corruption or compatibility issues.

Despite these efforts, the debugging process remains persistently slow, hampering my productivity as a developer. I am seeking guidance from the community on potential causes for this slowness and any recommended solutions or workarounds.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Hi, simple question, are you on a powerful machine? In terms of RAM, CPU? My old machine did not have enough CPU/RAM power and it my solutions compiled slowly.

@Leland Usher 

A few options: 

  • When you say debug, do you mean commands like ```npm ``` or ```gulp serve```. Or are you referring to the actual VS Code debugging profiles and tools? 
  • Are you on a Windows machine?
    • Make sure your project code is not in a location that uses active malware scanning, which will scan every file when installed of changed. This might be configured by your IT department if on a company asset. I have seen this cause a typical 3-4 minute ```npm i``` take over 20 minutes. Sometimes there is a special path where the live scans are not performed, so putting your code there will help.
    • If possible, look into WSL, which takes a little setup, but is much faster than using the Windows file system.
    • There is a tool called spfx-fast-serve (https://github.com/s-KaiNet/spfx-fast-serve) that drastically improves speed during debugging by only "re-compiling" the files that have changed instead of the whole project.
    • The option to get a better machine is always a possibility, but I routinely work on 3-4 year-old Win10 machines with WSL and they perform quite well.
Good luck!

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@umamaheswarSP2019 You can try using SPFx fast serve tool which helps to reduce the build time for SharePoint framework (SPFx) solutions.


This command line utility modifies your SharePoint framework solution, so that it runs continuous serve command as fast as possible. It reduces solution build & refresh time drastically. 


Link to tool: SPFx Fast Serve Tool 

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