Why my SharePoint clients do not like a SharePoint FrameWork future yet

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I am trying to make sense of this picture, but failing. Would you mind providing some context?

@Danny Engelman,


What are the reasons for the few unhappy users?


AS you de3cribed SharePoint Framework future is future. It isn't cureent yet. So still plenty of time for the users to get uised to things before they actually will start to play with the not yet released features ;)


>> I  am trying to make sense of this picture, but failing. Would you mind providing some context?


That is the same question they ask me when I try to explain the SharePoint FrameWork to consultants happily copy/pasting snippets of code.
And then I ask them...
Well, suppose you buy a home but it is totally impossible for you to paint it the colors you want or move the furniture around YOURself. Would you be happy?
This is not about the tool being capable of doing it, this is about the tool being way too complex for most current wanna-be decorators


May be I misunderstood.... I do not see the point of trying to explain SharePoint Framework to your users. SPFx is a new developement model for... developers. Your users are the audience of the solutions that your developers will produce using SPFx.


Simply, your users do not need to know how it works. In an anology; I enjoy driving a car, however, I really am not interested in how a manufacturer builds my car or uses different methods.


Your message to your users could be; With the new development model (SPFx) we'll be able to produce solutions better suited to a mobile and cloud work lifestyles in return inreasing your productivity.


Yes, it is for developers, but in doing so, they crippled "citizen developers".

I know Javascript, and CSS, and HTML, I have no idea about typescript, gulping, and yoing, and everything else. I am not a "developer" for my organization, nor will I be, but I've been knowledgeable enough to make all kinds of relatively simple enhancements.

Everything has turned into a big custom dev effort. I believe that is the point he is trying to make.

Microsoft swung the pendulum too far in restricting what kind of dev can be using in SPO going forward.


Bring back Script Editor Web Part


@Brent Ellis - Those technologies (gulp, yeoman etc) you mention of have been utilized by web front-end developers in the world for a lot of years now. SharePoint is in a way "catching up" to those development models with this change. I am sorry that you feel the pressure of this, but it is something that developers tremendously enjoy using current web development toolsets rather than SharePoint specific.


I am not a developer day-in day-out either, however I do enjoy coding from time to time. Just alone the SharePoint Workbench is a tremendous help for me in this development model, being able to develop/test my simple HellowWorld code without having forced to set up SharePoint farm, is a blessing!