Where is the CEWP in the Communication Site??

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Where is the CEWP in the Communication Site?? 

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There is not a CEWP or equivalent in Communication Sites and modern team sites. You only have the Embed WebPart and of course, you can create your own CEWP or use an existing one (there is one crated by Mikael Svenson)

I was trying to show an html page in my site asset but I was using CEWP before but not sure how to do it on Communication site. Can you point me where I could find the  webpart you mentioned that Mikael Svenson created

And also how do you edit the modern page of the newform.aspx of sharepoint lists?
PowerApps is the answer to this...it's coming!

Sorry but I already tried it and so many limitations.. The checkbox is not working properly and also it cannot be used by outside of your organization.