When will Microsoft Graph API for SharePoint officially roll out?

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When will Microsoft Graph API for SharePoint officially roll out?

Specifially to the enumerates sites in an organization.  According to the api referencce release, currently, the beta version only returns the default site, are there plans to support enumerates sites? If so, possible date of launch?

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AFAIK, we don't have a specific roadmap of items that Microsoft is releasing in the Microsoft Graph
Thanks Juan, but do you know if there are plans to support enumerates sites in the sharepoint organization for Graph? We have develop a JAVA based application which needs such support, thus we are urgently seeking for such function.
My understanding is that this support should be provided as Microsoft adds more a more features in the Graph API...but as I have said, no idea about when :-(. Sorry!
Hopefully Microsoft people working the Graph API can give us an estimate time frame, so that people like us can have a grasp for the development. Thanks again!
Susan, probably, you can tackle this differently. You mentioned that you already have a JAVA application which leverages on the Graph API - so you probably are using an app principle registered in Azure AD.

What you could do, is to provide full access on tenant level for SharePoint (one way is to provide the XML in https://yourtenant-admin.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/appinv.aspx:(

<AppPermissionRequests AllowAppOnlyPolicy="true">
<AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/tenant" Right="FullControl" />

Then you can use CSOM (or even PnP helper methods) to call for all site collections in the tenant - probably, you'd need a C#-based service.

If C# is not an option, then PowerShell will be your friend - you can leverage on Azure Functions to call your PowerShell as an HTTP-end point to get all your site collections for you (to confirm for you - we already have C#-based code which does that).

Hope this helps
Thanks Kiril!

We thought about using Azure AD, but that's a long haul for us. With CSOM being for Windows SDK, it is difficult to turn that into JAVA applications. We were hoping to get some update info for a direct route using Graph API as to its respective timeline and so forth. We will look into PowerShell though. Thanks