When using Managed or Structural Navigation in Modern, left navigation does not refresh

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UPDATE: Seems this was an issue on multiple tenants and Microsoft rolled out a fix. It is now behaving correctly for me. 

Hi there,


Looking for some input on an issue I am experiencing. 


The issue is that when using managed or structural navigation on a classic site that has been updated to use modern lists/libraries and pages, the left navigation does not refresh properly when navigation occurs between sites. 


It seems to only happen when navigation that doesn't require a full page reload happens (So page on site 1 to page on site 2 has the issue, but doc library on site 1 to page on site 2 does not). 

I'm including a link to a video of the issue. My steps were as follows:
1. click on link to subsite

2. Show that the navigation hasn't refreshed

3. Hit F5 to force a reload to show that navigation does then load. 


I believe this is a bug in the modern experience. Where would be the best place to post this bug? I opened a ticket with MS support and they weren't terribly helpful. 

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Hi @Peter-Ross Cuthbert ,

I'm not sure, because the video doesn't show URL, but it could be related to this.

Could you please verify if Minimal Download Strategy feature is active on your site?

If yes, you can try to de-activate MDS feature.





Hi Federico,

Thanks for the suggestion, I have had issues with that feature in the past but in this case it wasn't the issue.

Seems it was a bug of some kind that has now hopefully been fixed.