What value is there to invest in PnP subsite creation when we now will have modern team sites?

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Hi again,

Slightly different question/concern from my previous one but in the same realm.


I've been sharing the "killer features" of Save site as a provisioning template and the ability to create Pnp site directly through the "new site" link in site collections with my clients. They are excited however equally concerned because the future of team sites is going to be unified groups and the above features are not available in Modern teams sites.

Will they be?
A dilemna when we want to embark on a major team site provsioning initiative. Which way to go now??
Will we be able to:
- Activate Pnp features on unified groups so that subsite creation would be handled by PnP partner pack?
- Create Unified groups through the partner pack just like site collection provisioning?
- Save a Group site collection as a provisioning template?
- If we create hundreds of classic teamsites will there be a path/track to convert them to modern team sites?
Enlightenment is surely appreciated!

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These sound like good questions for the PnP Office hours meeting. I would recommend calling into the session this Wednesday so that  a discusion can occur over Skype.


The call info is available at https://dev.office.com/patterns-and-practices


Hi Dean,
Thanks for the heads up on the call.
I can't seem to find the info on the specific call? do you have a specific link for me?

Hey Amir,


unfortunately it occurred yesterday, and we missed it.

Next one will be in two weeks.

Here you can download the ICS invitation so you'll have in your calendar





The calls are recorded so that you can listen to the ones you have missed. I do this all of the time, they are always very informative.



Any update on that ?

Which way for saving a modern site as a template, and re use it for an other site ?

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The new Site Design and Site Script features provide this type of functionality, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/declarative-customization/site-design-overview and the presentation at Ignite 2017 by @Sean Squires



Noted on that but a user can't do it by themself anymore and need to ask a developer...

It would be good if this essential capability is back on modern UI. 


Or for developers, to create a site, read "the json" and easily re apply it somewhere, instead of crafting the code,