What should I use to build my 365 app?

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I want to build an app that allows you to add keywords to your sharepoint site and/or to your profile. 
In the company I work for we use sharepoint for each project. As a project manager I want to know what other projects work with similar topics as I do. For example, "Security" or "Machine learning". 

My plan is to build a very simple app that lets you add keywords to your project's sharepoint site. 
If your keyword matches someone else's keyword you get a match and are given some information about the matched sharepoint site or its owner. 
It could also be a keyword search. The important thing is that it's connected to the sharepoint site and/or personal profile. 

What tools can I start looking at? 
I've built a few simple web application using django (python) and vuejs but I have no experience in 365 development. 
I understand that "Graph" might be a good place to start. But I kind of feel I more information than that. Like, how do I actually add list to the sharepoint site, how do I store the keywords and match sharepoint sites and personal profiles within an organization? I doubt I would be able to, or want to host any data outside of the organization. 
Can I build a 3rd party app that utilize a database within the organization to connect users and sharepoint sites? How does that work? 

I would appreciate any help just to point me in the right direction. 
Thanks!! :stareyes:

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