What is the replacement of SP2010 Application Pages with FBA Authentication solutions in SP 2016 ?

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we are in process of Migration/Up gradation from Sp2010(Internet application) to SP2016. In our environment we have lot of Application pages,I know we can migrate the Same SP2010 application pages in sp2016 as well. Client is expecting the new solutions from features in SP2016. It is purely Internet Application and also with customized session management in all the application pages.How can i suggest my client with alternate/replacement solutions for Application pages with session management in SP2010. Are there any alternative in SharePoint 2016 from Microsoft for Application Pages and FBA Authentication and custom session management can be handled easily.Client is not interested for third party tools.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I don't know the nature of the customizations you did in the SP 2010 Farm, but I'm pretty sure nothing of the things that are in SP 2016 can replace those customizations....one question I have for you: Why migration to SP 2016 and not SP 2019?
Thanks for the quick response.Yeah we are looking to migrate SP2019 only.As we have sp2019 preview edition we are giving the solution based on sp2016.

Few clarifications needed.
Can i implement a Form Based Authentication for Sharepoint Provided Hosted app model ?
Can i implement a Form Based Authentication for Sharepoint Modern pages/SPFX Webparts ?

Thanks in advance

First thing to note is that SharePoint 2019 is RTM since october, so it's not in preview anymore., In regards of your questions, you can configure SP 2019 (as you can in SP 2016, SP 2013, SP 2010) to support different authentication methods what includes Forms based authentication....and that authentication mechanism can be used for sure with SPFx and it should also with Provider-Hosted Apps, but I would recommend to make a POC for this last to be sure it works as expected
Thanks Juan Carlos Gonzalez Martin,
Sure ,I will try to do a POC as you suggested.Thanks for all your answers.