What is the relationship between PnP Providers and Connectors ?

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I understand this for loading and saving templates :-


// Save template using XML provider
XMLFileSystemTemplateProvider provider = new XMLFileSystemTemplateProvider(@"c:\temp\pnpprovisioningdemo", "");
string templateName = "template.xml";
provider.SaveAs(template, templateName);

// Load the saved model again
ProvisioningTemplate p2 = provider.GetTemplate(templateName);

// Get the available, valid templates
var templates = provider.GetTemplates();
foreach(var template1 in templates)
    Console.WriteLine("Found template with ID {0}", template1.ID);


But where do Connectors fit in ?





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Connectors implement basic stream IO operations for different location (e.g. FS, Azure Storage e.g.). Providers serialize (deserialize) templates based on streams they get from connectors.