What CMS are you using for your business?

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Hey all,


I am an entrepreneur and I own a digital marketing company. I started it with a four of my friends. Currently, I have 7 people working onsite and 9 remotely on different fields like development, designing, digital marketing, etc,. When it comes to documentation like tracking and maintaining the contracts, it is a one-man operation. At first it was easier to maintain with Excel spreadsheet as we had just 3 contracts. But as the number of contracts has started to increase it has become difficult to manage all the contracts with just a spreadsheet. I am now using Microsoft SharePoint for documentations, but I am thinking of getting SharePoint based contract management system from Dock 365 to manage and track the contracts. It isn't because the brand is popular or I'm familiar with it. I think it can save time as I'm good with the SharePoint features at this point. The mentioned system also fits my budget and has the features that I am looking for. They also seem to be reliable to me.

The reason why I am here today is to do an online poll on the same before purchasing as I am a bit tight on the budget. Does anyone have any experience with Dock 365 products and services? If yes, please enlighten me with your comments. I’d love to hear more about them and the way it has helped your business!

I’d also like to know what CMS you are using for your business so that I can do a comparison of both to make a better decision.



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