What are Correct Values for App Domain an Redirect URI when using SharePoint App Only Authentication

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I need to write a C# program running on one of the our servers (in AWS) to be able to transfer files to and from a shared folder in our Sharepoint using App Only Authentication.


I need to use App Only Authentication because MFA is enabled for all our SharePoint user accounts.


I have read throroughly and followed the instructions given in this Microsoft article.


Here are the pertinent details.


Please note that, in the following, for security reasons I have replaced actual identifying information with placeholders e.g. replaced the first part of our SharePoint domain name with mysharepoint as in mysharepoint.sharepoint.com


I have set up a client ID and secret using



I have also given the app FullControl using the XML below in the "App's Permission Request XML" field using



<AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/sitecollection/web/list" Right="FullControl"/>

The first form I mention above - appregnew.aspx - is also asking for an App Domain and a Redirect URI.


I cannot find any guidance anywhere on what these values really mean and what they should be set to.


Do they relate to the domain in which our C# program resides?


If so, how would we make this happen when our C# program makes the request to Sharepoint i.e. how do we associate a domain with our C# program in such a way that Sharepoint will identify it when our C# program is making a request to Sharepoint?


I have tried using the "default" values i.e. www.localhost.com for App Domain and https://www.localhost.com for Redirect URI.


However, when trying to upload or download files from Sharepoint, I get authorisation errors.


For example, here is the error I get when trying to upload a file:


401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url:


Also in the AppPermissionRequest, the example given for the Scope is:



Again I can't find any information on what this should really be? Should it be this value or should it be customised for our SharePoint and if so how?

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