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public void WelcomeMessage()
//Welcome to SharePoint Developer discussions on the Office 365 Network.  
//This week at the Worldwide Partner Conference we continued to share the journey for our vision of modern client-side development with the SharePoint Framework.  
//Over the course of the next several weeks through this network and related discussions we'll share more information on the SharePoint Framework, it's relationship to our in-market models, our roadmap, and how you can learn more and get involved.





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Looking forward to collaborating.


Awesome! Finally a community where we can post code samples and share the neat stuff we will be building with SPFx

Hi Bill The question is when will it be out for non-MVPs ? - We have not got to wait until Ignite for it have we ??
Nigel, FYI...not all the MVPs have had the opportunity to try the new framework, so be patient

Thanks @Bill Baer,


I'm hoping for a a lot of community and MS collaboration on this network. 


Re Nigel;

The SharePoint Framework availability isn't related to being an MVP. Check out Waldek's post about it here, which I think explains it in good detail: https://blog.mastykarz.nl/sharepoint-dev-kitchen/



Tobias :)


Looks like this community can be great! Keep up the good work