WebHooks and editing from modern details pane

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In modern List expierence I can edit list items from the details pane. From here the List Item is saved every time a Field's value is changed. This is not very convenient when a WebHook subscription is added to the List. Every time a single field in the List Item is changed a notification is send to the WebHook's notification endpoint even if not all required fields for the item are filled in yet. 


I'm not feeling very comfortable filling a queue with lots of notifications I cannot  deal with because of missing data. Also, because webhooks need te respond within 5 seconds I don't want to validate my list items for completeness directly from within my webhook service. Preventing users from using the details pane by disabling item selection is not desired because this also prevents users from using the great new bulk item editing experience.


Any suggestions on how to handle this? 

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