Web Service (ASMX) API for SharePoint Online

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We are software developer and we are using some of the "web service (ASMX)" to work with the SharePoint service for my clients; as those components of SharePoint (e.g. WebParts, Metadata) cannot be supported by RESTFul APIs thus we would still be requiring a O365 user credential for integration.


We are just wondering for those O365 tenants with ZERO usage and as soon as their O365 organizations are enforced to disabling Basic Authentication by October 2020. Would the above mentioned "web service (ASMX) for sharepoint" be impacted?


If the above scenario will happen, can those "ZERO usage" O365 tenants / administrators re-enable the Basic Authentication in Azure AD or will there be other workaround for software developers to keep using the "web service (ASMX) for sharepoint" with O365 user credential (i.e. BASIC Authentication)? 


Appreciate your feedback. Thank you. 

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Pretty sure SPO Web Services call are going to be deprecated at some point....May I ask why SPO REST API don't work for you?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

I think some of the information cannot retrieved by the SharePoint RESTful API such as webparts and meta. So, we have to use SharePoint web service to retrieve it.

Is there any way to replace those old SharePoint web service (Get webpart and meta)? I am afraid that the SharePoint web service will be deprecated shortly.