Web Property Bag and NoScript Sites

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"You cannot programmatically update the site property bag on a modern site, but in many cases you can work around this. This has traditionally been used to store site meta data."


Digging into the modern site experience it seems the previously available ability to manage custom scripting for self service sites has been removed entirely.  This has been the most common way to add metadata to the SPSite object for search purposes.


Is this on the roadmap to fix?  Has anyone found a way around the NoScript limitation on property bag editing?

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You could use sp editor extention in chrome for the time being but it is not a solution :)

You can turn off NoScript, update the propertybag, and turn it back on! Here is now PnP does it: https://github.com/SharePoint/PnP-Sites-Core/blob/master/Core/OfficeDevPnP.Core/Extensions/TenantExt...


(Search for DenyAddAndCustomizePages)