web.ExcludeFromOfflineClient property with CMOS

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Hi folks,

Is there a way to setup the web.ExcludeFromOfflineClient property with CMOS? I only managed to set this up with a Sandbox Solution. Any ideas? Thank you!

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I assume you have checked latest CSOM version released by SPO and the property is not there, don't you? By the way, it does not appear in the official documentation in Microsoft TechNet so I would say there is no way to do this in CSOM at the moment

This has become a larger issue as the OP noted this was previously only available via the Sandbox solutions.  As of the past couple weeks the policy to remove support for code inside Sandbox solutions has been formalized leaving no way of setting the web.ExcludeFromOfflineClient value programmatically.


Any work around ideas?

We are right now collecting all the APIs which are available from SB assembly, but not in the CSOM, so looking on getting this introduced sooner or later. In general would also suggest to submit user voice entries for these kind of gaps from http://sharepoint.uservoice.com/, so that they are processed accordingly. Due removal of code-behind sandbox support from the SharePoint Online, we will ensure that this will be on the prioritized list of what's available in SB, but not in CSOM.

Hi Martin,

we are working on updated process internally, so if you have these kind of gaps in the API, which are blocking your transition from sandbox solutions to CSOM, please ask for extension for your sandbox solution with the details on missing APIs.


You can submit extension request using the normal SharePoint Online support channels. API gaps are identified from these support cases and collectively fixed for helping you to proceed. We do require these to be submitted using the official support channels, so that we can get them collected using official channels.


thx for your submission advance.