Ways to package MS Flow with SharePoint framework app package

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I am searching for ways to integrate MS Flow with SharePoint framewok app package. I ended up finding nothing, Any help ??

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Flow is a separate product than SharePoint and the SPFx app is designed to interact and provision SharePoint assets like lists, content types etc. It would be complex enough to build such a capabilities so I do not think the Office 365 teams will build such a support in near feature.

So  what if i have a SharePoint frmework app & i have created list inside it using XML and i want to assosicate a FLow with it. So that whereever i deploy my app, Flow also gets deployed. User does not have to seperately create the Flow and associate with that list. ???

I agree, at this moment there is not an integration story for the SPFx and Flow. By the way adding @Vesa Juvonen

To do something like that you will probably need to use the Flow Custom API