Want to use SharePoint Online SPFX Solution to SharePoint 2019 On Premises

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Hi everyone,


I have one requirement to use Sharepoint online SPFX solution to Sharepoint 2019 On-Premises.


So currently I have an SPFX solution with v1.12.1 but in SharePoint 2019 On-premises only support the v1.4.1 .


Can anyone advise that how I can downgrade the SPFX version and what will be impacted (any link)?


Thanks in advance

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First of all version 12 is deprecated 


Create a normal project to SP 2019 this will downgrade to 14.1.


See what you have to change, like typescript versions.


There is a good tool but I don't know if you have an option to downgrade, if not try to request a PR

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