VS15 Report Builder Deploy Deploys Everything

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I'm using Visual Studio 15 and creating reports connected to my SharePoint 2016 site.  I've successfully deployed by right clicking on the project.  When I right click on an individual report to deploy it, it seems that it compiles and deploys all of the reports.  How can I prevent this from deploying everything and only deploying my one report?  

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If I remember well, you have the possibility to deploy only one of the folders you have in your project...out of curiosity: why is not ok for you to deploy all the elements in the project?

Re: "deploy all the elements"


Maybe you can give me some insight...  I created several reports with VS15 on my local C: project folder and deploy them to SP2016.  I set the credentials of the Data Source (internal to the report) to "Use this username and password".   When I deploy the report to SP2016, the report prompts for credentails.  I edit the rdl file from SP2016 via Report Builder.  The credentials have been set to "Prompt for Credentials".  Odd...  In the Report Builder I set it back to "User this..", save the report, and everything works fine from there.


But every time I make a change to the RDL via VS15 and redeploy, the previously mentioned effect happens and I have to go through the process again.  Which sort of brings me to the purpose of the post.  If I could just deploy one report, then I wouldn't have to go back and reset the credentials on all the reports in the folder.


I tried extracting the Data Source into a Shared Data Source and deploying.  The effect is the same; the credentials are reset in the Shared Data Source.  I fixed it in SP2016, but the next deploy takes everything and resets it again.


This effect seems odd and frustrating.  Is there a reason why the creds would be reset?  Could something be cached?