Visual Studio version for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition Web Parts

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Hi, I'm planning an upgrade from SharePoint 2013 Foundation to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition, and I need to know which version of Visual Studio is best for upgrading the custom web parts I have created. When I did 2010-2013 upgrade, I used Visual Studio 2013 and it had built-in knowledge that my web part needed to be upgraded to SP 2013. I'm going to be using ShareGate for the content migration, but just need help understanding the version of Visual Studio I should be using.

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Your old school webparts will not work in Modern SharePoint, so they need to be rewritten with SPFX. There's no automatic upgrade of those webpart unfortunately.

To code modern webparts, use VS Code + SPFX
Oh no! I have a specific webpart that exports excel reports using templates in _layouts and displays graphs, all based on server-side C# code. I think it would be impossible for me to even imagine converting this webpart into a client-side version. Is there any way that I can disable Modern Pages altogether and just stick with Classic Pages for SSSE. I don't need Teams integration as I'm using FBA authentication via the Visigo FBA product. Visigo say that their SharePoint 2016/2019 version works with SSSE so I'm confused as to why webparts have to be converted to SPFx. It sounds like SSSE is SharePoint Online, but on a local server.

Thanks for the information on VS code. I think I'm going to have to just stick with upgrading to SharePoint Server 2016 manually. That will get me to 2026 at very least, so I have 3 years to learn SPFx :(
Is the webpart used everywhere ? If not then use classic pages and use that webpart but as said it won't work with Modern pages.

As for the webpart, You can probably get the same result do the same using Power automate with on-prem connector + PowerBI or any graph render webpart :)

Even 2016 is modern.
Yes, the webpart is used in all site collections, and I have 20, at any level of site or subs-site. As long as I can just keep to classic pages then I'll be happy.