Views and CAML queries using projected field ID values fail (Office 365, SharePoint Online)

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In SP I use lookups to build relationships and projected fields to display related data. I also project the ID field for use in queries and filtering. As of 20JAN17, all queries that I have in place using this pattern are failing. In list views I get this message:

Cannot complete this action. Please try again.

Correlation ID: XXX...XXX (<- Some GUID here)

My queries using CSOM are returning a similar message in the console.

I have also gone to different sites in our tenant, created new views with a filter on the projected field ID with the same result.


Any ideas on what the issue could be? Is this a change in SP, an error, or perhaps a tenant level configuration issue? Note that I don't have direct access to tenant level settings.

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I don't know if this issue was a hicup or what but everything is working as it was before. All my views and scripts that I haven't modified are working as expected.