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I have requirement of displaying SharePoint column in bold and its value in normal font using view formatting json.

In articles usually I found bold values or column in one line and its value in other line.

But I want result in same line(eg Producer: Marry), so here Producer is column name and it should be bold but Marry should be in simple format.





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To clarify: You want the value displayed in the column to include the column name in bold before the field value?

If so, you can add a span before the field content to show the Column name, similar to below.

   "elmType": "span",
   "style": {
      "font-weight": "bold"
   "txtContent": "Color: "


There are a lot of examples of various formatting json in the PnP List Formatting Samples. Start here: 

If you give me a little more information, I might be able to provide a more complete json solution.