Using Type Script to create a modern page?

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I want to create an SPFx webpart that can create a modern page. I've seen code snippets creating modern pages, but it's eighter PowerShell or C# (CSOM or PnP). But I havn't seen any examples on how to use Type Script to create a modern page. Is it even possible?

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Hi @Papageno Sweden,


Yes, that's possible just by placing an anchor tag and href as below url




or in typescript just write the code"url")



Jayakumar B.


Hi, Jayakumar and thanks for your reply.


I was a bit unclear in my question, sorry.


What I mean is I need to create the page programmatically, add some information (basically a text webpart) and then save the page, thus rendering a new page in the Site Pages library.


In C# you can use AddClientSidePage, call AddControl to add webparts and finally call Save. This is all PnP stuff. I'm looking for something equivalent for TypeScript.

Ok, I got it. A bit embarrassing, but still...


I can of course use the same PnP approach in TypeScript as in C#. I just need to be aware of the async-await concept. This is how you do it:


import pnp,{ClientSideText} from "sp-pnp-js";
protected async CreatePageAsync() {
  const page = await pnp.sp.web.addClientSidePage("my page.aspx"); 
  page.addSection().addControl(new ClientSideText("my content"));
And then you call the function:
Found the solution here.
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Just FYI, PnP JS-Core is deprecated in favor of the new PnPJs libraries.


You can find exactly what you're trying to do (create pages and add components) here: