Using PNPJavascript Block - Calling a Custom Javacript Function

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I am able to to register a block but calling the booMonster function is not possible as the custom javascript library is not loaded yet?   Can I load a Block from a javascript file?


I am trying have a function called on every pages?



$ScriptName = "SayBoo"
$scriptBlock = "booMonster('monsterhere');"

#Connect to the SPO site
Connect-PNPOnline -Url -Credential sp

#Remove script if added before
Remove-PnPJavaScriptLink -Name $ScriptName

#Add the script
Add-PnPJavaScriptLink -Name $ScriptName -script $scriptBlock -Sequence 2000

Write-Host "$_.Exception.Message"

Write-Host "Completed successfully." -ForegroundColor Green

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I thought it is only possible with JSlink and not in libraries but i could be wrong here.Do not know how to add it via PowerShell