Using OneDrive as a crude source control repo for SPFx solutions

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In need of a crude source control repository while IT set up an official one and resolve proxy rules around installing and updating solutions via npm (I'm having to install and update packages via npm from home).

GitHub not an option yet. I'm working on corporate approval and licensing.

Has anyone considered or been using OneDrive to host SPFx solution files or are there limitations.

VSCode maps a OneDrive sync'd folder ok and it looked like it was working ok from behind corporate firewall on the desktop dev workstation but appears to be having sync issues over the weekend between laptop and cloud.

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I normally create all of my repos in a One Drive synced folder as it gives me that piece of mind that any local changes I make are backed up in the case of HD disaster. It doesn't give you the CI/CD and other shiny functionality that you'd get with a solution like Azure DevOps but it's better than nothing!