Use SPFx wepart in an iFrame


We have a SharePoint App where we can add web parts and content using an iFrame.  According to the below link, it should be possible to use a SPFx as a web part in an iFrame by making a small change to setting of isDomainIsolated property in thepackage-solution.json file tp true. We can't get this to work ?

Any ideas?

besides that, When can we expect it to go GA?

Finally when will we be able to use SPFx in SharePoint Apps. This is what we want to do. 




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Why not creating a SPFx version of your App? It's not clear to me for how long Add-In model is going to be there

Well, this is not just a small App. :) It is a complete business application - iGlobe CRM Office 365. It is a SharePoint provided hosted app. That is not an option 

I guess is non an option because of the current architecture ;-)....nowadays combining SPFx + Azure you can do almos any kind of App