use spfx webpart in listform pages on modern sites

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I created an SPFX webpart that I want to use to view-edit-create items in a list. It works fine on classic pages. I go to the new/edit.or display form, edit the page, hide the oob webpart and add my new spfx webpart in its place.


On a modern page how can I do this? i cannot edit the page. its just a popup! I can create powerapps , or infopath forms, but don't see how to use a webpart.


Can SPFX webparts be used to customize the view-edit-create forms on modern sites?

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AFAIK, ability to edit listform pages is not possible yet and I have not heard when it will come, but totally agree this is something necessary just in case we don't want to customize list forms using PowerApps