Use .NET dll from Sharepoint Site Pages

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Hi !


I'm currently in an internship and I'm not a big SharePoint connoisseur.

My mission is as follow:


I have to read a .NET dll using a C# script on a Microsoft cloud server (ideally SharePoint), then, a web page allows the user to use this dll's functions. (In this case, the dll generates codes from inputs).


I can use SharePoint Site's pages as interface with the user but can I do all of this using only SharePoint (storage, C# scripting) ?
Or maybe, is there any other solution to do that ?


Thank you in advance for your feedback !

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A few things here:


  1. Running C# on "A Microsoft cloud server" ideally SharePoint.
    1. SharePoint in the Cloud (SharePoint Online) will not allow you to deploy C# code to it directly.
  2. Why SharePoint? Are there any technical or business reasons to do this in SharePoint? Is this an app that will be consumed by users on an intranet page?

Here's what I recommend:


Create a standalone web application in Azure that can have whatever back end you want to communicate with your DLL, and whatever front-end you want to communicate with your users.


You could implement your own back-end with (for example) an Azure Function and Azure API Management and then plug whatever front-end you want into it - be it a standalone web page or a SharePoint full-page SPFx web part.


Regardless, you're not going to be deploying C# to a SharePoint Online (cloud) environment - you'll need to deploy that elsewhere such as Azure and implement front-ends depending on your application design.