URL filtering on modern page webpart

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I have a MASTER and DETAILS pages design.  When I click on an item on the MASTER/PARENT page, I need it to open up the DETAILS page and show the records associated with the master.  Facts:


  1. The MASTER page has the header record populated offa MASTER table
  2. I know how to STYLE the list so I can put in a ONCLICK event to perform a WINDOW.OPEN and launch the DETAILS page via the FORMAT COLUMNS
  3. I know what to pass, which is PAGE.ASPX?FILTERFIELD1=ID&FILTERVALUE1=1 from the MASTER page
  4. The DETAILS page displays records from a DETAILS list that does contain a reference column from the MASTER list
  5. I have tested a straight /LIST/LISTNAME/ALLITEMS.ASPX?FILTER... which does return the proper records when the filter is passed
  6. The MASTER ASPX page has a WEBPART which has the originating list that can invoke the WINDOW.OPEN method
  7. The DETAILS page also has a WEBPART that currently shows all records from the DETAILS list, and I have NOT hidden the MASTERID column

I do not want to build a POWERAPP.  We're using the POWERAPP for other use cases.  Any help would be or links to tutorials would be most appreciated.




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