Upload Pages using Powershell / PnP


I need to upload the same Page into the Pages library in several webs. In my example, I'm located in my root path (http://myhost/Pages) and the first 3 lines work ok.


I get an error in my line 4, when I try to upload the page into a subsite http://myhost/FirstWeb/Pages/



1 $file = (($PSScriptRoot) + "\..\Pages\PageToUpload.aspx")
2 Add-PnPFile -Path $file -Folder "/Pages"
3 Set-PnPFileCheckedIn -Url "/Pages/PageToUpload.aspx" -CheckinType MajorCheckin

4 Add-PnPFile -Path $file -Folder "/Pages" -Web "/FirstWeb"
5 Set-PnPFileCheckedIn -Web "/FirstWeb" -Url "/Pages/PageToUpload.aspx" -CheckinType MajorCheckin


What do I have to do to change into the correct subsite FirstWeb to upload my page again?



Thank you in advanced!

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Hi @María José Pedreira,


What is the error that you get?


Have you tried using a web object rather than a web url?


      Add-PnPFile -Path $filePath -Web $Web -Folder $folder

Also have you tried with the / in the web url?


In general I use Get-PnPWeb and Get-PnPSubWebs to get my web object before calling Add-@PnPFile and that seems to work.

I think it it your firstweb... maybe you fill in the whole path.

Hi @Pieter Veenstra, first of all, thank you for your fast response...


I've tried  this code instead 4-5 lines and Pages upload ok. Thank you!!

foreach ($subweb in Get-PnPSubWebs ) {
	Add-PnPFile -Path $file -Folder "/Pages"  -Web $subweb