Updating Taxonomy Field in Remote Event Receiver

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I'm trying to update a Taxonomy Field in a Remote Event Receiver.

Like they discribe in the following post: https://github.com/SharePoint/PnP/blob/master/Samples/ECM.AutoTagging/README.md


This doesn't work:

result.ChangedItemProperties.Add("TaxonomyField", "2;#MYTERNNAME|74972ac9-3183-4775-b232-cd6de3569c65");


Updating a single line of text field works fine:

result.ChangedItemProperties.Add("TextField", "SomeText");


Any help?


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@Christophe Vandeput 

I've found the following works in SPO.

result.ChangedItemProperties.Add("TaxonomyField", "4;#My Term Value");
result.ChangedItemProperties.Add("TaxonomyHiddenField", "My Term Value|<GUID>");