Updating SharePoint List item - Bad parameter passed to Web Server Extensions

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I have a Python script that I've been running for months that uses shareplum to programmatically update various columns of a SharePoint List. It has suddenly stopped working in that the changes I am trying to make are not showing up. Creating a new List item is working fine, it's only when I try to update an existing list item. I can use the script to update List items of other SP Lists so there must be an issue with the List itself.

I printed off the result of the response which says  '0x80070057', 'Bad parameter passed to Web Server Extensions. Check the information you entered and try again.'. I am able to update my List items using Office365-REST-Python-Client instead of shareplum, but I'd still love to know what is causing this issue with my shareplum script. Would someone give me some insight as to what could be causing this error?


from shareplum import Site
from shareplum import Office365

authcookie = Office365('https://XXX.sharepoint.com', username= XXX, password= XXX).GetCookies()
site = Site('https://XXX.sharepoint.com/sites/XXX', authcookie=authcookie)
list_ = site.List('TestList')

my_data = [{'ID': '3', 'Title': 'TestTitle'}]
list_.UpdateListItems(data=my_data, kind='Update')

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Did you patch Windows or SharePoint? I think this is your problem.

You should open an Issue