Updating a SPFx app: Can't find FC-namespace

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I am trying to update this application: js-modern-calendar and I found that it is using a namespace that I can't find, it is "FC" and the app is calling a method in this namespace called "EventObject()" in the "ModernCalendarWebPart.ts"-file in the row 39. The app isn't written with the last SPFx version and that's why I am trying to update it. 

I started from a scratch proyect created with "yo @Pernille-Eskebo/sharepoint" but I am fast since I can't find the "FC" namespace.

Any idea where is this namespace comming from? or what package I need to install to have access to it?

I have checked the package.json and both looks similar, the differences are the version numbers, mine are newer than the one used in the original app.

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FC is the namespace used by the fullcalendar plugin. I had the same issue when trying to get the sample to work and was able to resolve it by specifying dependency 'fullcalendar' to 3.2.0 (not ^3.2.0). By default npm install grabs the latest fullcalendar which breaks the app, but 3.2.0 seems to work.